Transforming traditional classroom set-up

In spite of the fact that online education has been massively developing over the last decade, we cannot deny the fact that the majority of teaching still takes place in a traditional classroom. A teacher has to teach over 20 students with different learning styles, skills and priorities, which is a challenging task, especially when […]

via Blended Learning – How to Make it Work in the Classroom. — EDTECH 4 BEGINNERS

The classroom years ago are really different from now. Learners even change, so with the classroom, what more with the teachers. There have been a lot of technology integration that must be handed to teachers to supply the needs of these learners. Chalk and board, is not enough either. Let’s transform every classroom into a meaningful learning environment.

Schools supporting 21st century learners realize that new pedagogies — project-based learning and active student use of technology and making tools – are what enables and activates these learners. Existing classrooms inhibit “makers” from “making” and learners from collaborating. New learning environments linking the new pedagogies and space are needed to support 21st century learners.


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